Mr. Shifty Review

Mr. Shifty

Mr. Shifty is a really cool action game where you play as a teleporting thief. The teleporting looks and feels like it was ripped straight from nightcrawler of the X-Men. Which was always one of my favorite characters. So you’re in a tower building trying to steal something or other. The story doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that there are a ton of baddies trying to kill you with guns and you only have fists and one hit point. Anyway, the game has some really cool mechanics. The teleporting and punching feel awesome. You’ll zip around a room or between rooms punching people out windows or into a wall. You’re in one room and teleport to the next the guys are unsuspecting ! And you punch them Then teleport really quick and wait for the next guy to turn the corner and punch him. Then the whole room is clear and it’s fun ! The furniture in the room will shatter when the body makes a satisfying thud against it. It’s extremely gratifying. Even better is that the furniture, or pieces of furniture, that can be used to continue the assault.

For example you can pick up fire extinguishers or cans of soda. The funniest is destroying a statue and taking the arm to beat someone to death with it. There are two types of rooms in Mr. Shifty. The first are what I consider battle rooms. You’re stuck in a room with with a bunch of enemies. Or you’re trapped in the room and a whole bunch of enemies start pouring in. The goal of the room is to teleport around and kill all the henchmen. These rooms are fantastic and make you feel like a complete bad ass.

To clear a room without getting hit once is euphoric. There can be so many close calls teleporting behind a wall before the bullets pass through where you just were. So many near misses of getting shot to death It’s the best, that kind of feeling, feels so good. At the end of it, one guy, with just his fists, has taken on entirely too many enemies and came out the other side. The other type of room is a puzzle room. hese contain lasers or fire that move around and require precision teleporting. They might contain some combat but mainly it’s about dodging the instant kill. It’s where the game is weakest. The controls are not precise enough to allow for some of these perfect teleportations to happen. A stay in place and rotate button would have helped.

Also without knowing what’s going to happen it’s too sudden to dodge and you will be required to die a few times to get the timings. That’s never fun. I like the idea of a teleportation blocker but it doesn’t make the game more fun. For these sections your power is removed. Be prepared to die a lot against enemies with guns since they have quick aim and range over you. It can be frustrating. Overall it’s a fun game with a ton of action. Be prepared to your heart rate to go up trying to finesse your way through some of these rooms.

Also be prepared for a few deaths, maybe even up to thirty for some levels, just trying to figure the puzzles out. Still it’s a lot of fun to play and one of the coolest games I’ve played. Consider picking it up if you like difficult action games where repeating the same room over and over doesn’t bother you. You’ll have a great time..

You can get Mr. Shifty on Steam here

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