Sea Of Thieves – Game Review (Android version?)

Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves Game Story Yarr me hearties! It’s time to raise the Jolly Roger and set sail for gold and glory on The Sea of Thieves! Yarrr!! Sea of Thieves is the latest game from renowned British developer, Rare the studio behind all-time classics like Donkey Kong Country and

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android Review

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Android

About the game The GTA San Andreas for Android game will allow the user to control a character. You will use this character to perform interactions such as walking, swimming, jumping, climbing, driving. Also, the player can use various weapons. The player can drive multiple vehicles including bus, boats, cars,

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

Tesla vs Lovecraft a twin stick shooter where you play Tesla who needs to stop Lovecraft! Of course. He burned down your workshop and is now unleashing a ton of monsters into the world. Since you’re Tesla you have access to technology that can help you win. Who ever expected